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friends//only [Friday
August 27th @ 12:30pm]
[ mood | happy ]

this journal is
my constant obsession,
my endless struggles,
my undying quest to be THIN.
if you don't know what it's like, go away.

this is me and this is real.
if you want to support than ill be your friend.
i'll be there through all the times
where binge eating or eating more than 600 calories
in the same day,
makes you feel like death.
add me.
i'll add back.
and i'll support you in your goals.
..but if you're going to just come in here&
tell me i'd look better with some
"meat on my bones"
than get out.

x. add me first.
x. i'll add you back if i'm interested.
x. understand and don't criticize.
x. be nice.
x. this is my journal, my quest to be thin.

ps. i screen all comments so people
afraid of noisy friends - don't worry.

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